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As one of Canada’s leading legal publishers, we know that law school can be demanding and challenging. Our goal is to provide students like you with quality, Canadian-made resources to help you succeed in your legal studies. With this goal in mind, we’ve expanded our law school resources to include more than just casebooks.

The Law School Student Portal is a centralized database of resources, ranging from reference charts to course summaries, designed to provide you with a variety of tools to help you excel. With the help of current and former law students, we’ve developed this curated database to include resources that are relevant, useful, and accessible.

Whether you’re just beginning your legal studies or entering your final semester, we are confident that you’ll find resources to help you navigate your way to success. Welcome to Emond’s Law School Portal!

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Free Resources for Law Students

+ Downloadable Case Briefs
+ Downloadable Summaries and Mind Maps
+ Legal Overviews for 1L Students