Stephanie Ben-Ishai

Stephanie Ben-Ishai, a tenured associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, is an internationally recognized expert on insolvency, corporate governance, and commercial law. A frequent guest speaker, Professor Ben-Ishai has presented her work around the world. She has received the American Bankruptcy Institute Medal of Excellence and SSHRC and Fulbright fellowships. In 2013 Professor Ben-Ishai was the Law Commission of Ontario Scholar-in-Residence, where she continued her research on debt relief. Previously, she served as an INSOL international scholar and was awarded the Osgoode Hall Law School Research Fellowship for her insolvency research. Professor Ben-Ishai’s research has been consistently supported by a range of internal and external grants, including SSHRC grants.

Professor Ben-Ishai has served as the editor of leading Canadian and Australian commercial law journals and is an active member of a number of Canadian and international professional, community, and academic boards and committees. She is the author and co-author/co-editor of six books on insolvency and contract law and over 40 articles on insolvency, commercial, and corporate law. She has been active in commercial law reform and has been consulted by governments and self-regulatory organizations on insolvency and commercial law matters. Professor Ben-Ishai has also acted as an expert on Ontario and Canadian law. Professor Ben-Ishai is the academic director of the LLM in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, co-academic director of the LLM in Banking Law, and the academic director of the Osgoode Small Business Clinic.